A black and white photo of All Saints Sunday School in 1967

Our history

The Parish Rooms have provided a facility for the residents of Cheadle Hulme and beyond for over 100 years. Since 1911 they have been an integral part of the community.

How we began

The land on which the hall was built was bought in 1905 by the Reverend Henry Tyson, Vicar of All Saints Parish Church for £296. It was a personal purchase to provide premises for the church and the community to use. It was and still is run by Trustees.

Black and white photo of Reverend Tyson
Reverend Henry Tyson

The All Saints’ Parish Room Building Fund was established in 1907. A canvas for funds was taken of the Parish in November 1908, inviting subscriptions and by December 1909 there was £813 in the Building Fund. The rooms were given in Trust in perpetuity for the benefit of the residents of the Parish of Cheadle Hulme by a Deed of Conveyance in 1911.

In 1913 the building was extended to include additional smaller rooms and to enhance its appearance onto Church Road. Electricity was installed in 1922. The Rev.Tyson died in 1924, and a year later the management Committee passed a resolution that the main hall should be named the Tyson Hall, to acknowledge his connection with the building and the fact that without his enthusiasm and perseverance the building would not have been erected. Since those early days, the Trust has provided rooms of various sizes for the use by many organisations.

During the war of 1939 – 1945 the hall was used for evacuee school children from Manchester and for a longer period by children from Guernsey.

More modern times

Since that time the rooms have been used for a welfare clinic, a dentists, local drama and operatic groups have hired it, dog training sessions, Scouts, flower shows, playgroups to name a few.

At present over 25 organisations, clubs and societies use the rooms and the Trustees manage the day to day running of the rooms on a voluntary basis and employ a full-time caretaker. Hiring charges are the only source of income for the Trust.